Yesterday the corporation announced that it intends on phasing out door to door delivery across the country over the next five years.

This is alarming and disappointing all at once.

Canada Post is ignoring opportunities to increase revenue and is instead opting to decrease opportunities for citizens and customers to access our service. This flies in the face of what public consultation has told the company in terms of what Canadians expect from Canada Post. According to Canada Post’s online consultation of citizen’s (“Future of Canada Post”) only 15.13% of respondents suggested ending door to door delivery to be replaced with community mailbox delivery.

The expansion of services and the provision of postal banking are viable options for Canada Post to increase mail and new revenue and to further attract new customer bases to the corporation. Canada Post should be building its business, not tearing it down!

It is important the CUPW members, their friends and families communicate with their Members of Parliament and other levels government and tell them that Canada Post cannot simply abandon its responsibilities to Canadians. It is up to elected officials to hold this crown corporation to account to the nation. And Canadians need to hold the elected officials to account to the citizens.

CUPW and the Winnipeg Local will be communicating with members to continue our struggles to provide universal public postal services. We will all need to participate in this struggle.

Our Jobs, Our Fight, Our Future.

In Solidarity

Winnipeg Executive