Picket Captains

The upcoming negotiations are crucial and it may be necessary. We intend to recover our rights and benefits that were taken through the last round of this unfair process. We have experienced this before; therefore we must prepare for the worst case scenario.


Picket Captains are volunteers, the front line organizers of the Union when on strike. They are the focus of Solidarity for the members on the picket line and may be called upon to make decisions that affect all members in the case of an emergency. Picket Captains are tasked with keeping attendance on the line so that our members can receive their strike pay and seeing that strike duties are shared fairly. They ensure the safety of our members. They are responsible for helping to ensure our members understand the role of a picketer.

Picket activity is watched closely by members of Canada Post including, but not limited to: corporate security, supervisors, and the media.  As a Picket Captain, you may be called upon to inform the Union of any scab incidents that occur.

Picket Captains relay information to the members and the information from the members to the executives. They are important in the maintaining the flow of information and communication during a strike.

Picket Captains are Postal Workers – like you – who have volunteered to take on a certain amount of responsibility. It is important that we all recognize the work done by our members and treat each other with respect. The more you, as a member, are involved, the stronger the resolve of the Union will appear. We have strength in numbers – In Solidarity We Stand!

The Local needs volunteers for Picket Captains, the more the better. If you are interested, please call the Union Office at (204) 942-6323 and submit your name there.