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January 30, 2019 all-day

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Education Seminar


DATE:    March 1,  2 and 3, 2019


LOCATION:                  Edmonton Alberta

                                       Chateau Lacombe Hotel

                                       10111 Bellamy Hill



  1. Solidarity Skills Level 2 (Urban or RSMC/PSBU)


This course builds on what participants learned in the Level 1 course about dealing with conflict in the union and familiarizes participants with the fundamentals of conflict mediation, providing an opportunity to practice dealing with a conflict from beginning to final resolution.  It also explores and discusses other conflict resolution models such as community circles (also known as restorative circles)


  1. Social Steward (Urban or RSMC/PSBU)


Social Stewards are resource people who assist co-workers experiencing personal problems. They listen to people, help them identify their concerns and find solutions, and refer them to appropriate resources. As set out in D-32 of the constitution, social stewards are part of a network the union is building across the country.

This course is for members who wish to become social stewards. During this course, participants become familiar with the role of the social steward through small group work, discussions and role-plays. They learn ways to support members, how to approach workplace problems, and the preventative union approach. Participants also look at how to gather and share information on the resources available to deal with members’ problems.


  1. Updating Routes and Basic LCRMS (Urban or RSMC)

In this participatory course, members new to LCRMS learn its basics and gain an understanding of the factors used to update letter carrier routes.


  1. Basic Shop Steward (Urban or RSMC/PSBU)


This course aims to provide new stewards with basic training, knowledge and confidence.  Topics include the different roles of the shop steward, how to investigate and file a grievance, communication skills, shop steward rights, the role of a steward as organizer/mobilizer and key provisions of our Urban RSMC and Private Sector Bargaining Units.


Interested members should be made aware that all sessions of the courses are mandatory.  Pleases instruct participants to inform the REOO of any medical conditions that must be considered and ask participants to refrain from wearing any fragrances during the sessions to protect those with fragrance sensitivity allergies.


Participants are expected to share accommodations, any change must be authorized by the Regional Office before hand.



This education program falls under Article 11.06 of the National Constitution and expenses for delegates are paid under Article 7.42, which include meals, transportation and accommodation.  Reimbursement for childcare expenses is also available.  The Union encourages all members to access this right of membership and learn how to make your own working life and that of your co-workers better.


For more information contact your shop steward, local education officer or executive member


The Struggle Continues….

Todd Jarema

Regional Education & Organization Officer

CUPW Prairie Region                                                                                                                                    TJ/kw.COPE225