Mobilization, Readiness and Action Course

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May 6, 2018 – May 11, 2018 all-day
Sheraton Cavalier
612 Spadina Crescent E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3G9
Myron May



  1. Mobilization, Readiness and Action (Urban and RSMC/PSBU)


The aim of this course is to understand and mobilize the membership during the negotiations process.  It prepares members to fight for our collective rights from a place of strength.  Participants work to support negotiations throughout the process, including the exploration of bargaining basics, the context and priorities for this round of bargaining, and start to build a mobilizing plan for their Local.  Finally, the development of pre-strike scenarios that increase the chances of success.


While this is not a strike preparation workshop, participants will have a chance to review the Strike Preparation Manual.  This useful document provides activists with the information and tips sheets to mobilize the membership before and during a strike, a checklist for Local strike preparation, tips on communicating with members and the media, information about picket line policy and strike pay, and much more.


Interested members should be made aware that all sessions of the courses are mandatory.  Pleases instruct participants to inform the REOO of any medical conditions that must be considered and ask participants to refrain from wearing any fragrances during the sessions to protect those with fragrance sensitivity allergies.


Participants are expected to share accommodations, any change must be authorized by the Regional Office before hand.


Registration deadline for locals to send in participant applications to the Local Office by Macrh 16, 2018 (no exceptions).




This education program falls under Article 11.06 of the National Constitution and expenses for delegates are paid under Article 7.42, which include meals, transportation and accommodation.  Reimbursement for childcare expenses is also available.  The Union encourages all members to access this right of membership and learn how to make your own working life and that of your co-workers better.


For more information contact your shop steward, local education officer or executive member 

You can download the application here






The Struggle Continues….


Myron May

Local  Education Officer

CUPW Winnipeg Local