Red Shirt Day

In Solidarity with our negotiators, with RSMC’s, and in support of WMPP schedule consultations, we are preparing for a RED SHIRT DAY on Friday, August 17.

Please wear RED to show the boss that we are TOGETHER in SOLIDARITY, we demand fair schedules at the WMPP, and we demand a fair contract for us and for RSMC’s!

Some of you may recall a red shirt day from few years back – the boss lost their minds, they had no idea what was going on and were on pins and needles for the entire shift. It was a great success, and I remember how proud and unified we felt that day.

Please share this email with your WMPP contacts, and share the news with your coworkers on the floor. We hope that all sections and all shifts participate. We are also asking those attending consultations on Friday August 17th at 9am to wear red, in solidarity.