Shop Stewards Corner

Interested in becoming a Shop Steward?

Stewards are worker advocates. They defend members rights in the workplace and are the people who members go to when they have a problem.

Stewards play a key role in the union ability to negotiate  collective agreements, solve members’ problems, fight harassment and defend public services depends on a strong steward network.

All members in good standing (including temporary workers) are eligible to be shop stewards. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward please contact any member of the Local executive.

Ten reasons to be a steward

  1. It gives you the tools you need to help your co-workers and yourself.
  2. It allows you to build a healthier and more democratic workplace.
  3. It gives you the ability to protect and defend your rights in the workplace.
  4. It is healthier than complaining.
  5. It is a good way to learn more and gain confidence.
  6. It can be a lot of fun.
  7. It is one of the best ways of staying informed.
  8. It is an opportunity to build new skills and practice old ones.
  9. It is an opportunity to work with others on a whole range of work–related issues  –  pensions, child care, international trade, etc.
  10. It is an opportunity to make a difference.



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