CUPW *Free* Basic Group Life Insurance Coverage

CUPW Life Insurance is one of the benefits of membership in our union.

All members in good standing of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are covered by the CUPW Basic Life Insurance through Coughlin & Associates at no additional cost.

You are a member in good standing if you signed a CUPW membership card, pay your union dues and are actively at work (or on an approved leave). While the coverage is automatic, you should fill out the application form in order to let the insurance company know whom you’ve chosen as your beneficiary. If you do not designate a beneficiary your coverage will be paid to the estate. *However it is best to designate a beneficiary, not only to ensure that your benefits are going to the person(s) you want but also because payments to the estate will cause additional fees and delays for the person resolving your affairs.

The free coverage is as follows:


Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

CUPW Member






Each Child



*Note: Your basic insurance benefit as a CUPW member reduces to $1,000.00 at retirement.

Optional life insurance is also available (at your own expense).   

If you are not sure whether you have ever signed the application or just want to confirm that they have the correct information on file, you can contact Coughlin & Associates at 1-888-304-2894.

You can pick up the Coughlin & Associates Basic Group Life Insurance application and information package at the Local office (207-83 Sherbrook Street) or call Cheryllynn at (204) 942-6323 ext. 1 for more information.

Click here to visit the  Coughlin & Associates website.

Links to Forms:

Application for Optional Life Insurance & Basic Group Life Insurance

Pre-authorized payment form

Change of name and beneficiary form

Benefit change form

Non-Smoking form

Estimate your coverage needs