Dues Waiver Form

Member in Good Standing Status

While on leave without pay, it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to maintain your Member in Good Standing (MIGS) status. Loss of MIGS is automatic once you are three months or more in arrears in union dues, as per section 1.08 (b) of the National Constitution.

In order to protect your MIGS status, you must arrange to either:

  • remit your monthly dues through your Local Secretary-Treasurer; or
  • have your Local approve a dues waiver, as per section 1.20 of the National Constitution.

Waiver of Dues

Section 1.20 provides the option for a waiver of dues payment. The member must request the waiver, in writing, through his/her Local.

The Local reviews the request in order to determine whether or not the criteria set out in section 1.20 have been met. Once a request is approved at a Local Membership Meeting, it is forwarded to the National Office for implementation.

Should you decide not to apply or not qualify for a dues waiver, please advise your Local Secretary-Treasurer.

Remittance of Dues

Please contact your Local Secretary-Treasurer to arrange for dues payments during your leave without pay. You may choose to:

  1. pre-pay in a lump-sum; or
  2. provide a series of post-dated cheques.

Regaining MIGS Status

To regain your MIGS status, all of the arrears must have been paid and you must have notified your Local that you wish to be reinstated.

Maintaining your MIGS status is important in order to enjoy the benefits of Union membership and to exercise your rights as a member.