10 hours to support Postal Workers

This is it. The Liberals are about to pass legislation to trample on workers’ constitutional rights and undermine collective bargaining.

Will you speak out in support of postal workers? 

They plan to undemocratically end the postal workers’ strike – without resolving the issues, like the injury crisis or gender inequality. We can still stop them, but we need everyone – postal workers and allies – to speak up:

Here are a couple quick ways you can make a huge impact.

Go to www.deliveringcommunitypower.ca/workersrights to contact your MP and your local newspaper.


This evening, Members of Parliament will be voting on the back-to-work legislation. And we know that the media is watching.

If thousands of Canadians call, email, and tweet at their MP, we will bombard them with support and convince them to vote down this unconstitutional legislation.


Canada Post is a successful public service, but as currently managed, it runs on excessive (and often mandatory) overtime, unpaid work by rural women, overburdening and resultant injuries and stress.

The only way to resolve these issues and get an agreement that both sides can live with is through negotiation.


To get there, we need everyone to tell the government and media to respect workers’ rights.

Tell them that you stand with postal workers!


In solidarity,

Mike Palecek, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers