President’s Report January/February 2019

January and February certainly brought to light many issues and problems from the workfloor. 

Cpc was bidding and finalizing all changes in the WMPP – initiating a new section, eliminating full time positions in Lock Boxes, reducing positions in all sections dealing solely with letter mail and bidding annual leave all in a few short weeks. What could go wrong ??? CPC chose to black out Stat weeks in the Pre-retirement bid column, why you ask? Because they wanted consistentency and simplified staffing, all with no regard to the rights and bid choices of members. 

The AL bid for Group 2 also saw the “consitency” applied for simple staffing and black out of all Stat weeks in pre-retirment bid columns. 

Sshhh don’t tell PCR , but this was not done in all working groups. 

The announced proposed SSD restructure of all letter carrier routes in SW depot has  brought heightened concerns for what could be longer walking routes, increased points of call and the possibility of more injuries. The work floor asked management some tough questions and to date those questions and concerns have not been addressed and CPC has yet to deny or confirm the SSD method will be implemented. A petition with over 450 signatures and letters of health and safety concerns and questions from the workers has been sent to CEO Jessica McDonald; if local management will not come to the workfloor to address these issues, then let’s see if anyone up the management tree will. 

The Director has continued with her frequently injured worker meetings; these meetings can only bring heightened concern to the injured worker, that the target on their back grows with each report of injury and each meeting held with the Director.  Such meetings could only be planned to suppress injury reporting and to ensure the workers know Big Brother is watching and certainly gets reports on EVERY injury/incident reported. 

The Local will be setting dates for the planning and prepping for our Local entry in the 1919 general strike Centenial Parade. Please watch for dates, contact the local to join the committee and bring out your creative thoughts and passion for this important event. 

STRIKE THE MUSICAL, is back at Rainbow Stage this summer, please visit their web site for show dates and to purchase your tickets.  CUPW National Office has approved a $ 1000.00 sponsorship for this Musical. 

STAND: THE MOVIE has several trailers available for viewing on YouTube,  please search for them, watch and enjoy. Pay close attention to note many important landmarks in our City in the film. This film will have  premiere showing in May for labour affiliates and members, more details to come on this as well.  National CUPW also approved funding as part of Labour Sponsorship of $ 1 000 000.00. Thank you CUPW and all Labour affiliates for recognizing the importance of the 1919 General strike and for allowing the story to be told. CUPW is a proud sponsor of the Centennial and will have an ad in the Program, please watch for that special entry. 

National office once again chose Winnipeg to showcase our workers through this great Manitoba winter we have been experiencing and had a photographer come to capture their work. I joined Rob , of Robert Lowdon Photography to capture two Letter Carriers last Friday and 1 RSMC in an Urban environment. On Wednesday this week, I again joined Robert to photograph a very Rural setting RSMC worker. The winds were howling on the open prairie as Robert captured her careful control of each piece of mail in the wind. I will share these photos and those from the fall photo session once I receive all photos from Robert. Great work and great representation by our Made in Manitoba workers; National office should be pleased with the very wintery prairie photos they had hoped would be captured. 

The Volume counts begin for the first depot, SW 3 – Ft Gary area-  of the SW Installation on March 4. So for those workers of the WMPP please watch for anything abnormal and please report it to the Local office. 

Thank you in advance for all those who have accepted nomination to stand as a Shop Stewards for our Local and for our Members. Whether you are a seasoned Steward or whether this is completely new to you, please know your effort and commitment is appreciated. Please feel free to always contact a Chief Shop Steward or any Member of the Executive should you have questions or be unsure of a members rights or your duties as a steward. I clearly remember the 1st 24 interview I ever attended, it was with Brother Tim Kerr out at Charleawood Depot for a PO4 who had her sorting stool taken away and she was hot about it and said a few things to a Supervisor. All i knew to do was write as fast as i could of as much of what was said by everyone, i had writers cramp at the end. For anyone who ever attended an interview with Tim, you know why, Tim was never shy with words and he purposefully kept the meeting going to get as much  info out of the Empliyer as he could and to keep the worker off the work floor for as long as he could . Thanks Tim for being a great Steward role model. 

Thanks to all who are attending the GMM March 3, I am sorry I cannot be I  attendance, I am away at the Prairie Region Educational facilitating the Route Measurement course, one of my true loves as a Union member. Thank you for being a part of this important meeting to nominate and elect representatives of our Local to attend National Convention in May, where the Regional and National leadership of our Union will be elected and changes to our National Constituion are voted on as well. Thank you to those willing to stand for nomination and election for this important process in our Union structure and Constituional change process.