Mandatory Vaccination Update – Cease & Desist Order Denied

Arbitrator Burkett did not grant the cease and desist order against Canada Post’s vaccination practice.

The arbitrator did, however, order a hearing by way of priority on the merit of CUPW’s case. This will allow the Union to bring our case forward in a shorter period than the traditional National Grievance process.

Unfortunately, we know that some of our members will be impacted by the decision and will be placed on Leave without pay after November 26, 2021. We recommend these members file individual grievances against said leave. Please meet with a shop steward to file a grievance against the forced leave.

Remember that this vaccination practice is Canada Post’s, not the Union’s. This fight is with the employer and not amongst each other. No matter your personal feelings about the practice, we should always treat each other with respect, and be tolerant of each other.