On Tuesday this week, Canada Post started announcing its policy on vaccination for Canadian Union of Postal Workers members. 

The local encourages all members to call 1.833.433.1442 as soon as you can, and certainly before November 12th, to declare your vaccination status. It’s an automated call and the whole process takes less than three minutes.

If you are fully vaccinated and report as much in that phone call, at some point in the near future, you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination to the corporation. How and when is still unclear. We have heard there is an app being made for this audit. If you are fully vaccinated and you don’t call this number before November 12th, you may be putting your ability to report to work at the end of November in jeopardy. We really recommend you just make that call today.

If you are not vaccinated and are unwilling or unable to be vaccinated, you have different options and things to consider at this point.

The union, at the national level, has been meeting with Canada Post and our lawyers about this topic for weeks. The mandate is coming from the federal government, and the policy is coming from Ottawa. No one at the local executive office and no one in local management is responsible for this policy, nor can we do anything to stop it or its implementation.

If you are unable to be vaccinated by the deadlines, local officers will assist you in considering your options. We know retirement is a consideration for some members. It should be noted that you will not lose your job. If you are unwilling to receive a vaccine for COVID-19, you will be placed on administrative leave until the pandemic ends or the policy is retired.

This is something the union has protected, your job. While your ability to report to work is being temporarily suspended due to global-pandemic-ending measures and personal choices, you will not lose your job as we have seen happen to other people working for private companies, and occasionally, union workers.

Some members are going to feel like they are now being forced to choose between their livelihood and taking a medication they do not want to. This is true. They have to make that decision. Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is a condition of employment, and all postal workers will have to meet this condition to remain employed by the end of January. 

If you are vaccinated, please call the number. If you are not vaccinated but are now making plans and appointments for shots, please carefully read the corporation’s information on the timelines you are dealing with to make sure you don’t find yourself without work for a time. If you are unwilling to be vaccinated, also please read the corporation’s information on the mandate as your options are explained there.

The corporation’s information here.

The union’s bulletin here.

Brother Roland Schmidt, president of the Edmonton Local of postal workers has a fairly concise statement regarding all of this, and you can read that here.

Local officers remain committed to assisting all members through these processes and options. If you have questions, we are just a phone call or an email away.