CUPW 856 Presidents Report.



Seems the month of January is when winter decided to finally visit, and in keeping with cold temperatures Canada Post is being CanadaPost. We’ve noticed an increase in discipline in Collection and delivery and a part timer not being extended across the board in both WMPP and in delivery. This seems to be the pattern every year after peak season. So how about an update to what’s been happening this month.

A few members of the Winnipeg local exec and Medicine hat Alberta were asked to be special guests for Saskatoon locals SSD information night. The local had our brilliant Workload structuring officer and past WSO (myself) represent the perspectives of how SSD has affected our members, we used both statistical data and quotes from impact statements to give some perspective, after we finished talking the viewers looked shook, we were available for questions which came in rapid fire, and we left being able to answer all of them.

The following week was mental health week, we used that to highlight an amazing program that we love to promote here, the social steward program. We talked about the fact that social stewards are trained in listening techniques and educated in topics that include, mental health, mental illness, domestic violence, addiction, suicidal ideation. Social Stewards are not councilors, but they are completely confidential and can guide our members to resources, in addition to that, they follow up with the member. I’ve personally had some amazing contacts myself as I am a social steward. This went over extremely well and even had requests from depots to have a second talk and several people came forward to see how to become involved in the program. After we completed our letter carrier depot tour, I went to all three shifts at the plant and retail and promoted the program there as well.

Being the president for the local I have a seat at all committees the local has, so I used that seat to visit a organizing meeting chaired by our VP Mahdia Hasan, Mahdia has absolutely found her own in organizing, to date these are some of the things she has organized over the last 4 months,

1. We organized a meeting with members who have experienced SSD to provide guidance and insights to those who have not yet faced it. This was done to prepare members for what to expect.

2. A coffee session was conducted to educate and inform members about SSD, both mentally and physically. It was important for us to ensure that our members are well-prepared and have a clear understanding of the challenges they may face.

3. We reached out to our members to update their contact information. This is crucial for effective communication and keeping them informed about important updates and events.

4. Buttons representing various groups and their workplace issues were designed. These buttons serve as a visual representation of the concerns and challenges faced by our members, promoting awareness and solidarity.

5. Pre-organizing coffee break meetings were held with all depots to discuss national updates and gather input from members on their preferred course of action. We value member participation in decision-making processes and strive to ensure their voices are heard.

6. Signed petitions in support of the right to strike were collected and will be submitted to the national office. This is an important step in advocating for our members’ rights and amplifying their voices.

7. We are planning social events outside of General Membership Meetings (GMMs) to provide opportunities for members to come together, participate, and discuss their future within Canada Post. These events foster a sense of community and enable open conversations.

8. Our local president conducts monthly floor visits to ensure members are aware of the local’s plans and to gather individual demands. This helps us better understand their needs and concerns, allowing us to tailor our actions accordingly.

9. Basic shop steward education sessions were held to empower members and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively represent their colleagues in the workplace.

On horizon, we will be canvassing for picket captains, ensuring our supplies for a potential strike, working with our education officer working on bringing the fight back course with the veteran activists Myron May and Lisa Peterson.

We have had a shop steward educational for existing shop stewards who needed some skill development and are planning on doing another for interested in becoming shop stewards. Shop stewards are amazing representatives who not only advocate for the members but share perspectives of the local.

Our workload structuring Committee led by Toni Montanti has been doing explary work holding the boss accountable in what has become a very difficult build. The committee members have poured blood sweat and tears into ensuring the values are in place and the boss follows not only the Collecitve agreement but also the Letter carrier route measurement system ( LCRMS) the mail service courier workload structuring system ( MSCWSS) . The boss has tried all sorts of devious things in this build to drop the percentage of coverage, in turn making the routes considerably longer.

If you are considering running for any of the local officer positions please have your signed nominations in no later then noon February 9th , 2024.

NEXT GMM February 10, 2024 9:00am at 720 Henderson Highway


Sean Tugby


Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Local 856..