Communications Committee Report.

The Communications Committee has been incredibly active recently. As the committee in charge of ensuring clear communication among members, other committees, and executive members, we have found ourselves busier than ever before. Balancing the responsibilities of both the Communications and Organizing Committee, which falls under the portfolio of the vice president, has proven to be quite challenging. However, with the unwavering support and assistance of stewards, members, committee members, executive members, and everyone who has graciously offered their help, I have been able to navigate these demands as smoothly as possible. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have never hesitated to lend a hand whenever we reached out for assistance.

During our committee meetings, we have brainstormed numerous ideas to enhance our communication efforts with all parties involved. One of the key initiatives we have identified is the reintroduction of monthly updates. In the past, these updates were printed and displayed on bulletin boards for our members to stay informed. Unfortunately, this practice had been discontinued for some time. However, through reconnecting with individuals who previously held the vice president role in our local union, we have been able to gather a wealth of information that could be immensely beneficial to our members. One particularly valuable piece of information we have uncovered is the monthly update. As a result, in January, we successfully printed and distributed our monthly reports for display on our union bulletin boards.

In addition to the monthly updates, we have also discussed the possibility of collaborating with members from other local committees to organize social events. These events would provide a wonderful opportunity for our members to communicate freely and socialize with one another. Furthermore, we are actively working on creating brochures that contain important information and messages for our members. Our intention is to distribute these brochures twice a year, ensuring that we have multiple ways through which we can connect with and inform our members.

The Communications Committee is thrilled by the abundance of brilliant ideas that have been generated by our team. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work on many of these proposals and continue improving our communication efforts.

In Solidarity