Organizing committee reports.

Our local has been actively working to support and advocate for our members. Here is an overview of what we have planned, what we have accomplished, and what we will do:

Actions taken so far:

1. We organized a meeting with members who have experienced SSD to provide guidance and insights to those who have not yet faced it. This was done to prepare members for what to expect.

2. A coffee session was conducted to educate and inform members about SSD, both mentally and physically. It was important for us to ensure that our members are well-prepared and have a clear understanding of the challenges they may face.

3. We reached out to our members to update their contact information. This is crucial for effective communication and keeping them informed about important updates and events.

4. Buttons representing various groups and their workplace issues were designed. These buttons serve as a visual representation of the concerns and challenges faced by our members, promoting awareness and solidarity.

5. Pre-organizing coffee break meetings were held with all depots to discuss national updates and gather input from members on their preferred course of action. We value member participation in decision-making processes and strive to ensure their voices are heard.

6. Signed petitions in support of the right to strike were collected and will be submitted to the national office. This is an important step in advocating for our members’ rights and amplifying their voices.

7. We are planning social events outside of General Membership Meetings (GMMs) to provide opportunities for members to come together, participate, and discuss their future within Canada Post. These events foster a sense of community and enable open conversations.

8. Our local president conducts monthly floor visits to ensure members are aware of the local’s plans and to gather individual demands. This helps us better understand their needs and concerns, allowing us to tailor our actions accordingly.

9. Basic shop steward education sessions were held to empower members and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively represent their colleagues in the workplace.

Upcoming plans:

1. We will appoint picket captains for future actions. These captains will play a crucial role in organizing and leading picket lines, ensuring coordinated and effective actions.

2. Gathering necessary supplies, such as picket posters and other inventory, to support members during potential strikes or other actions.

3. We will await the national update to determine the next steps. Staying informed and aligned with the national direction is essential for strategic and impactful actions.

4. Continuing to prepare for a potential strike, if necessary. This includes organizing and mobilizing members to protect their rights and interests.

5. Collaborating with the education officer, we are planning to hold another education session on taking back our work floor. This session will focus on empowering members and providing them with the tools and knowledge to assert their rights and create a positive work environment.

Through these strategies and plans, our local aims to support and empower members, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected. Together, we will continue to strive for a better future for all.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizing committee members and all those who have contributed to the success of these events. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to supporting our members are truly appreciated. Without your efforts, these initiatives would not have been possible. Thank you for your invaluable contributions in making these events happen and for your ongoing support in advocating for our members.


In Solidarity